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Research Articie 03 May 2021
Deep High-Resolution Network for Low-Dose X-Ray CT Denoising
Ti Bai 1 ,  Dan Nguyen 2 ,  Biling Wang 3 ,  Steve Jiang 4 hide author's information
Corresponding Author:
Keywords: Low-dose CT; Deep learning; Denoise
Cite this article: Bai T, Nguyen D, Wang B, Jiang S. Deep High-Resolution Network for Low-Dose X-Ray CT Denoising. JAIMS [Internet]. 2021;2(1-2):33-43
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Low-dose computed tomography (LDCT) is clinically desirable because it reduces the radiation dose to patients. However, the quality of LDCT images is often suboptimal because of the inevitable strong quantum noise. Because of their unprecedented success in computer vision, deep learning (DL)-based techniques have been used for LDCT denoising. Despite DL models' promising ability to remove noise, researchers have observed that the resolution of DL-denoised images is compromised, which decreases their clinical value. To mitigate this problem, in this work, we developed a more effective denoiser by introducing a high-resolution network (HRNet). HRNet consists of multiple branches of subnetworks that extract multiscale features that are fused together later, which substantially enhances the quality of the generated features and improves denoising performance...